• 08/06/2020

    Recording Album No.2 Begins!

    So Happy to Announce that Recording of Album No. 2 has officially begun!
    Album Title and Artwork Yet to Be Announced!

    And thank you All SO MUCH for all of your support!
    Stay Tuned!

    It's Coming


  • 20/04/2020

    Support Album No. 2!

    You can now Support Me directly through Soundcloud's  Covid19 Support Button!

    Go To

    Thank you all for all your continued support and contributions so for it's truly heart warming to see so many of you supporting Me and artists like Me all over the world especially in this time of Global Pandemic, and know you have my eternal gratitude!" , and if you're thinking of making your own be sure to pick up my Debut Album Out of Knowhere available digitally or as a physical Digipak
    Also make sure to add your full name to any purchases and contributions to be featured in my next album's credits!
    Stay Safe Out There and Be Well!


  • 17/04/2020

    Over?! Lyric Video Now On Chugcore Promotions!

    Many thanks to the dudes at Chugcore for featuring the Lyric Video for Over?! on their Youtube Channel

    Check it Out Below:

    Full Story Here

  • 15/10/19

    Lifoti's Exclusively Published October 2019 Issue 09

    Check Out IO's feature in Lifoti's October publication.

    Full Story Here

  • 06/09/19

    New Band of the Week: IO

    Telling us that your brand new metal band is “as metal as metal gets” is a surefire way to get our musical antennae to full attention. And that’s exactly what was promised by Derbyshire band IO, who also describe their sound as “heavy, loud and aggressive” – tick, tick and tick.

    Full Story Here

  • 22/04/19

    Recording Out Of Knowhere Begins!

    I'm very happy to announce that recording of my new upcoming album "Out Of Knowhere" has officially begun!

  • 02/02/2020

    Linktree Now Up!

    Linkree for All IO Links has now been published!

    You can also sign up for Text and Email notifications when the New Album drops this year!




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