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Out Of Knowhere Download

Out Of Knowhere Download


The Debut Breakthrough Record That Started It All

(as featured in New York's Lifoti Magazine)

Includes both mp3 and wav versions of the album


Lifoti Mag:

With a run-time just shy of 50 minutes, this is a true juggernaut of an album that would take an age to craft for an established band, let alone a debut from one man - no mean feat. And then there’s the music itself; the production is top notch, the performances are as intense as they come, and the sound is absolutely gigantic. The molten riffs and insane double kicks pummel the listener into a grooved out, head banging mess by the end of the epic 10 minute closer Terminate. It’s almost impossible not to get caught up in the groove of every riff and progression, all wrapped up in memorable songs and vocal hooks.

The songs themselves are intensely well thought out, rarely clocking in at less than 5 minutes long, with riffs a-plenty, earth shattering bass and ridiculous drums complimented by a frenzy of harmonics, screaming high pitched leads and Mike’s signature vocal style that brings each song its own flavour. The vocals are a frenzy of long held screams, growls and gutturals encompassed by almost machine-gun fire vocal lines. Though the real separator here, and what sets him apart, is his ability to execute all of these extreme vocal styles with such tight pronunciation, and a unique flow to his lyrics that’s simply undeniable.

The lyrical themes hit every spectrum of the radar ranging from raging anger to pain and despair to inner as well as outer contemplations of society and humanity as a whole; where the listener can actually feel each nuance in his genuine and heartfelt performances, all of which are delivered to perfection. There’s a real flow to the album as it progresses and follows a storyline of self discovery, betrayal and the nature of humanity, hitting the bottom, reaching the brink of insanity and culminating in existential rebirth.  

That said, each song stands on its own, songs like Day 1 as well as the album’s openers GTFAFM and IFD are truly memorable with such groove and heaviness that the riffs bury themselves in the listener’s memory. The 6 minute epic Once Chance is a real highlight of the album, a full display of song writing ability and rhythmic wizardry with a chorus lead line you can’t get out of your head and ravenous vocal lines that draw focus on internal realizations and refusal to be dictated to or simply run with the herd, but to make a difference in your own life in order to be who you want to be. Burned Out provides a much needed breather after the monolith of heaviness that is Over?! showcasing some disgusting frequency manipulation and destructively heavy riffs throughout, followed swiftly by We Want It All with so much intense groove that it’s almost a relief to be rewarded by the slamming riff at the end of this 3 minute groove-a-thon. Have You Seen It? is another big highlight combining more ‘straight-to-the-jugular’ song writing and lyrics, that takes an unexpected turn to layered lead line combinations that crescendo into one of the heaviest riffs on the album. And once you think you’ve made it through this relentless onslaught, the album closer Terminate is there to finish it.

Staggeringly clocking in at over 10 minutes, it’s a destructive slam fest that crushes you with breakdown after breakdown, groove after groove until a final build into the last section of this monstrosity of a song. With an intricately layered tremolo lead that does not let go until you find yourself head banging ferociously; ending the onslaught with the most intense vocal lines and performances on the album - 'I'm not stuck in here with You, You're stuck in here with Me' - truly satisfying!

One thing is definitely clear, he has no intent of stopping here and as satisfying as this album is, it leaves you wanting more (after some recovery of corse!). Thoroughly recommended to experience for yourself!




2. IFD

3. Only Kidding Yourself

4. Day 1

5. Over?!

6. Burned Out

7. One Chance

8. We Want It All

9. Have You Seen It?

10. Terminate

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